Finnish IT Law Association

The Finnish IT Law Association promotes general knowledge of the legal matters relating to the information and communications technologies, and forms a link between the persons interested in such matters. The members of the association are lawyers, students and other persons, who are involved in said legal matters in both the private and public sectors. The number of the members is around 700.

The association organises seminars, discussions and visits to both companies and public sector bodies. In addition, it takes initiatives and issues statements in connection with legislative processes. The association also supports research work and education in the above-mentioned field by granting scholarships.

The association belongs to the International Federation of Computer Law Associations (IFCLA) federating a large group of national IT law associations, creating both new and maintaining existing international relationships to other IT law communities in the world. In addition, the association has close ties and a long tradition of co-operation with the International Technology Law Association (ITechLaw).

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